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Get Seal


Seal is developed by: crs4 logo

And generously hosted by Get SEAL at Fast, secure and Free Open Source software downloads
and GitHub

Seal Utilities

The Seal distribution includes some of the utilities and scripts we use internally. These may not be all maintained (it depends on whether we’re using them at the moment). Use at your own risk!!

Note that some of these utilities don’t follow the Seal usage convention.

seal distcp_files

A utility useful for uploading files to HDFS.

Under the hood, it uses hadoop distcp, but it avoids you having to prepend file:// to local files.


seal distcp_files filenames*  hdfs_dest_directory

seal tsvsort

A distributed sorting program for large text files. See the TsvSort page for details.


A script to perform read alignment using libbwa (the same one used by Seqal).


examples/align_script [OPTIONS] --reference=REFERENCE PRQFILE PRQFILE

You can also pipe it input in prq format via stdin.


Reads a fastq file and tries to determine whether the base qualities are encoded in Sanger or Illumina format.


Reformat a pair of qseq files (one for reads 1, one for reads 2) into a prq file. Read mates have to appear on the same line of their respective files.


examples/prq_local reads1.qseq reads2.qseq output.prq


Split a prq file into two fastq files.


examples/prq_to_fastq input.prq reads1.fastq reads2.fastq


Realign SNPs. See the documentation in the script file for details.